Monday, January 4

Believe In Yourself- Stay Consistent & Persistent- Stop Making Excuses

The first step to stopping making excuses is to examine how much you view life as being in your control. Excuses are often made to shift blame away to circumstances beyond our control. If you hear yourself saying that you cannot reach your goals in CTFO, shifting the blame to something or someone else, you need to take personal responsibility. Take responsibility for your actions and believe you can control your life. Having internal control better focuses you for future success. Anyone and everyone can reach their goals with CTFO. It simply takes time & commitment. 
Believe in yourself.
YOU are the only variable in your CTFO business.
Everyone has the same products, tools, compensation plan, etc.
Make a 1-year commitment today to CTFO. 
Stay Consistent & Persistent. 
Don't look left. Don't look right. Don't look back. Be laser-focused to reach your goals.

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