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Monday, October 8

Question->Which one of these people are you?

There are sharp people who want more from life...

Who have ambition...

Who are continually looking and working toward creating greatness...

Who are continually looking for the best opportunity to make a better life for themselves, their families, etc...

Who are ready to put the work in to make it happen.

And there are people who wouldn't get to work to make something happen even if they were being evicted and you were poking them with a stick.

Which are you?

The fascinating thing about what we do is, you get exactly what you create.

While the poverty-minded individuals (the 2nd type above) are are completely busy making excuses about why things "can't work," the rest of us are out there creating it and seeing the rewards.

See, it's the individual who creates it.

All we do is show them how.

And please, if you need to be poked with a stick, just get a job and leave the business environment to the rest of us.

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